Benefits :

  •    Superior welded tank with epoxy coating for long life.
  •    Highest tolerance limit in soft water input category.
  •    High performance in all weather.
  •    Minimum temperature drop daily night.
  •    Economical.
  •    No more hassle or restricted hot water flow.
  •    Better asthetics and less height.

Features :

  •    Capacity 100 to 500 LPD .
  •    Inner tank GI with special 3 layers coating. Models PCS
    100 Onwards
  •    3 Layers selectively coated Borosilicate vaccum tubes.
  •    Minimum heat losses due to ETC tubes.
  •    Economical and logn life.
  •    Suitable for hard water.
  •    Integrations available in higher LPD's temperature controlled
    systems and series system.

Components :

  •    Galvanized steel inner tank with primer and Epoxy
    marine coating.
  •    Galvanized outer cover with Pure polyester power coating.
  •    Galvanized socket connections.
  •    M.S. Stands with Pure Polyester Powder Coating.
  •    PUF Insulations 50 MM.