Benefits :

  •    Adequate panel facility for uninterrupted power supply
    and functionality.
  •    LED Lights for better lumens and long life.
  •    Maintainence free battery.
  •    No Manual operations required.

Features :

  •    Motion Sensor Controlled.
  •    Independent power source.
  •    Controlled charging and discharging to prolong battery life.
  •    Automatic dusk to dawn operation.
  •    Highly reliable and quality PV modules.
  •    Eco-friendly( no pollution and fossil fuel ).
  •    Desgined to operate in rought weather conditions.

Applications :

Street Lighting

Roadway Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Ramp Lighting

Sidewalk Lighting

Private Road Lighting

Farm Lighting

Wildlife Lighting

Perimeter Security Lighting

Park Lighting